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Welcome to the SULSA Online Applications Portal

We are delighted to open the following calls for 2017:
  • Postdoctoral and Early Career Researcher Exchange (PECRE)
  • EU Partnership Building (PEER)

​You are required to use this online applications portal system when submitting an application to SULSA in response to an open call for proposals.

You are required to register for an account with the system before submitting an application. You can use the automated Sign Up service by clicking on the button to the right. You should use an email address that you check regularly as SULSA will use the email address provided during registration to send updates about your application, request clarification, and for notification of final outcomes.

Guidance Notes
The SULSA website will contain full guidance notes for each call. You are encouraged to consult these guides before submitting your application.

Saving Applications
The system will allow you to save your application and return to a draft version of your application at any time before you choose to submit it. To do this be sure that you use the "Save and Continue" button, and then the "Back to Submission" button. If, after submission, you wish to make changes to your application, you may contact the SULSA Operations Officer to see if this is possible.

Supporting Documents
The system is designed to capture as much information that is relevant to each call primarily through a fixed application form, but for some calls, there may be a need to submit supporting documents like letters of recommendation or detailed imagery/figures etc. Please consult the guidance notes for each particular call to check if you are allowed or expected to upload such supporting documents.

SULSA Contact
For further information or assistance please contact the SULSA Operations Officer